Monday, June 16, 2014

How To Display Images From Folder Using Codeigniter?

If you need to display images from folder/directory in the CodeIgniter, then the Directory Helper is what you looking for. The Directory Helper file contains functions that assist in working with directories.
$this->load->helper('directory'); //load directory helper
$dir = "uploads/images/"; // Your Path to folder
$map = directory_map($dir); /* This function reads the directory path specified in the first parameter and builds an array representation of it and all its contained files. */

foreach ($map as $k)
     <img src="<?php echo base_url($dir)."/".$k;?>" alt="">
<?php }

Result: You will get all the images from the folder.


  1. hi thanks for code
    i want to ask how to display label on image in codeignater

  2. Thanks for the code,
    just a quick question, where do you put the code using te MVC model. does it go in te views directory?