Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top 10 Wrong Ideas About PHP

PHP is often a misunderstood language by people that either love or hate it.

On one side there are developers that hate PHP apparently because they do not quite understand how it works. They do not respect PHP and prefer other languages. So they lose many opportunities to make good money from the PHP market, which has so many high paying jobs for qualified developers.

On the other side there are developers that love PHP but do not take full advantage of the language because they are not fully aware of all they can do with it.

This article attempts to clarify some of the most common wrong ideas that many developers have about PHP.

Top 10 Wrong Ideas About PHP
Here follows a list of some of more common wrong ideas about PHP. I just presented the top 10 that I find more relevant, but I could have even listed more. It is that 10 is just round number that people are used to find more frequently in top listings. :-)

  1. 1. PHP is not a compiled language (it is interpreted) 
  2. 2. PHP cannot do X (access memory, control hardware devices, or some unusual purpose) 
  3. 3. PHP cannot do something that can be done in language X 
  4. 4. PHP is only for Web development 
  5. 5. PHP is controlled by only one company (Zend) 
  6. 6. PHP documentation is bad or insufficient 
  7. 7. PHP projects are not reusable because they are not Object Oriented 
  8. 8. PHP is worse than Ruby On Rails, Python Django, X language Framework 
  9. 9. PHP is not good for high performance scalable Web sites or applications 
  10. 10. PHP developers are cheaper because they are not qualified

Ref: For detail explanation of above mentioned points, visit http://www.phpclasses.org/blog/post/155-Top-10-Wrong-Ideas-About-PHP-That-You-Should-Get-Right.html

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