Friday, June 26, 2015

How To Disable Email Engines From Automatically Hyperlinking a URL?

You can turn automatic hyperlinking off easily by following method. There exist other techniques as well to disable email engines from automatically hyperlinking a URL.
There is a zero-width non-breaking space that I like to use: 
I place it in strategic places so that the URL does not get recognized as a URL, like so:
This strategy has worked for me across platforms and rendering clients. Its advantages are twofold:
1) It prevents the client from auto-rendering text as a link, and
2) Unlike other "non-breaking" zero-width space ascii codes (ie ), it wraps the entire URL if your URL happens to need it (instead of just the parts after the zero-width space).
It served my purpose of not allowing email clients to automatically make it a hyperlink.


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